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Vegan Leather Bag Base Shapers

Style Name: Bag Base Shaper

Material: Vegan Leather

Thickness: 6 mm

Weight: 100-150 gr

Lay-out: .Reinforced with double layer cardboard sheets to avoid bending.

Compatible designer bag brands/Models: We can customize the sizing of bag base shapers for any handbags or purses upon demand. Check out our available list of compatible bag models that we have already been making.

How to care:

  1. Avoid leaving the bag for extended periods in harsh sunlight because the biggest problem with faux /vegan leather is cracking. Sunlight can make the material brittle over time

  2. We recommend applying natural baby oil to prevent the leather material against cracking by the exposure of temperature and sunlight over time. 

  3. A damp cloth should be enough to remove any dust and grime. We recommend “vinegar” to be applied as a natural way to remove stains out of the material. Do not machine wash!

  4. ​Avoid using harsh cleaners since these can affect the composition of the material and make it stiff.

  5. Leather cleaners and conditioners can also be used for the vegan leather organizers