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These luxurious dust covers, crafted from soft, lustrous satin, provide a touch of elegance while effectively protecting handbags from dust, dirt, and minor scratches.

The gentle satin fabric prevents color transfer, ensuring your handbags remain pristine throughout storage and display.

Drawstring Closure for Security: Each dust bag features a convenient drawstring closure that provides a secure fit for various handbag sizes.

  • Bulk Quantities Available: We offer our satin dust bags in bulk quantities to meet your inventory needs.

  • Branding Potential: Discuss customization options with us to personalize these dust bags with your brand logo or messaging, further enhancing your brand identity.

Material: Satin Fabric

Color options: Black, Cherry Red, Champagne

Small Size: Base Length 11.8" (30 cm) x Base Width 5.90" (15 cm) x Height 9.84" (25 cm)

Medium Size: Base Length 15.7" (40 cm) x Base Width 5.90" (15 cm) x Height 13.7" (35 cm)  

Large Size: Base Length 19.7" (50 cm) x Base Width 5.90" (15 cm) x Height 17.7" (45 cm)


How to Care:

  • Spot Clean Only: Use a damp cloth with mild soap to address minor marks. Avoid harsh chemicals or excessive water exposure.

  • Air Dry: Allow damp dust bags to air dry naturally away from direct heat sources.

  • Gentle Storage: Store dust bags in a cool, dry place when not in use. Avoid overcrowding them.

  • Ironing Optional: For a touch-up, use a cool iron on the satin setting. Always place a pressing cloth between the iron and the dust bag.

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